Child Photography

So we never forget...

Sometimes their magic entices the wee fairies to play too! #neverforget#onlyyoungonce #fairymagic

Working with young children...

Children can be challenging, but it's not their fault.  When you take a child, dress them up in clothes that aren't comfortable, and ask them to cooperate and smile for a stranger they don't're asking for trouble.  Having 4 kids of my own, I get that.  And to add to the mix, we moms/dads get all stressed out because they're not smiling, they're running amuck and so forth!  So how do you get good photos then?

Well, you let them be kids.  Let them play, let them be silly and yea, sometimes we bribe them with candy (per parents permission, of course).  We photographers do what it takes!  I find that following THEIR lead offers up some pretty amazing photos that will warm the cockles of your heart ;-) 

So don't stress, the photos will happen, just let them be kids and mom and dad...just breath!