A few tips to help you make the right choices when choosing a wedding photographer...


What is right for YOU?

Photographers all shoot with their own style and flare and sometimes "what is one person's treasure, is another's trash" - so check out the portfolios carefully and see if it fits your needs.


Time, time time...

Don't skimp on time to save money! Your wedding day, no matter HOW smoothly it flows, will be hectic based on excitement alone. The last thing you want to worry about is squeezing too many pictures into too little time. Be liberal with your photography time.



Do you want pre-ceremony shots? Are the formals going to be in the church, in an off-site location or both?? Will you be seeing each other before the wedding? Don't wait until the week of to decide where and when you want what - the day needs to flow with the photography schedule in mind


How long will it take to see my photos?

Generally 4-6 weeks (sometimes sooner). Everyone, no matter what package you choose, will get their own password protected viewing gallery to share or keep all to themselves.


Do I want a digital files of all the photos?

Depends. Some people like to have all the pictures digitally and having them printed themselves. Sometimes it can be cheaper, but the print quality isn't always the best, so be particular when choosing a printer. When ordering reprints through Soulshine you're guaranteed professional quality that lasts, without any hassles! Prints take about two weeks (sometimes sooner) to receive. Print samples are available, just ask!


Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes indeed - and they're beautiful! I offer numerous styles that can all be customized to fit you needs. Prices vary significantly, so please ask for specific pricing. All albums start at $200.00 and go up from there.


Do I get an engagement sitting?

Depends on the package. Some come with it and some don't. With the Add-on section, you can customize your package based on your needs.


Do I need a 2nd photographer?

In some cases, it's recommended, but again, depends on the circumstances. If you're having a 300 person wedding and you want lots of angles, for example, it would be wise to have another photographer on hand.


Can I hire you for less than 6 hours?

Possibly, but it's not recommended, unless you're having a small wedding. Time is one thing you shouldn't compromise on when it comes to your wedding - it's one of the biggest days of your life and so don't skimp!


Do you need a deposit?

Sure do! It's 25% of the final costs, with the remainder due at the time of service. It's kindly requested that the remainder of the balance be paid as soon as I arrive to prevent me from chasing you down during the reception when paying me is the LAST thing on your mind!


More questions?

Just email me :)